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✨ Hey There ✨

space-kid deviantID

Jo | Illustrator | Wannabe Animator



1. Cloudy-Dreamscape
2. ColtMX
3. starfisching
4. Kraden

F.A.Q. 🚀

:bulletblue: "What do you use to make your art?"

Digital: Photoshop and/or Paint Tool SAI,
with a Wacom graphics tablet.

Traditional: Copic markers, or color pencils.

:bulletblue: "Do you do requests?"
Mayyybe, if you've got super neat suggestions xD

:bulletblue: "Do you do art trades?"
I am limiting it to "friends-only", OR if I initiate the trade.

:bulletblue: "Do you take deviantART points?"
Nope, sorry! I don't use points :'D



Winter Celty by space-kid
Winter Celty
:iconmylittlegiftexchange: Secret Santa for :iconinkytophat:

It was such a delight to have been assigned to your OC and drawing Celty again!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, a time to spend with friends and family together to welcome a new year just over the horizon. 
RoPo by space-kid
RoPo the Rosy Maple Moth villager!

Design by Norcinu

I really enjoy drawing in this lineless style; keeps you focused on the shapes and colors. 

Haylee Comet by space-kid
Haylee Comet

Haylee Comet

Gender: Male
Age: (Teen)
Species: Earth Pony + Galaxy Hair
- Space and the Cosmos
- Tranquility
- Tea
- Being underwater
- The ocean
- Autumn and Winter
- Crowds/Crowded places
- Noise
- His allergies
Occupation: Astronomer's assistant
Cutie Mark: Comet
Special Talent: Special Eyesight / Anomalous Space Powers (gravity defying, warping, etc)
Habits: Sniffling, Spacing out mid conversation


Haylee is a snotty nosed colt (like actually he has allergies so his nose is either blocked or runny most of the time), with no special talent for anything and unfit for heavy labour. Every night, he'd lie under the skies to gaze at the heavens above. In the day he'd spend his time in the library, reading up on all the books about space and the cosmos. He was born with his strange mismatched eyes, which causes him a headache during the day, forcing him to a nocturnal lifestyle. His vision is super sharp in the dark, and especially helpful during his star gazing. His eyes have natural filters that enable or block certain frequencies, allowing him to see nebula and deep space objects easier.

After getting his cutie mark, and with the help of his friend, Penelope Rivers, Haylee starts to become a much more confident pony (He's still snotty nosed though!). He works at the local observatory and weather station. At the same time, he gains his galaxy hair and starts to develop strange anomalous powers; defying gravity around him, even teleporting. No one knows what they are and how he got them, so there's no telling if he'll ever control them. As much as he likes his powers when he has control over them, they can be quite the nuisance at times. His hair is like a star chart, showing constellations and planets.

Fun Facts:
- Haylee's eyes are designed based on the Cyan-Red of 3D glasses
- Haylee's name is how I was taught to pronounce "Halley's Comet", and I like it that way c:
- Haylee likes to dive underwater and stay there for as long as possible. The silence and gravity free experience makes him feel like being in space.


Check out the old design below!

Haylee - Pony Ver. by space-kid
Pony Carni and Friends by space-kid
Pony Carni and Friends
Commission for :iconcarnival:

Going nuts with my entire copic collection (which isn't thaaat much) and also newly acquired Stabilo fine pens (for the colored outlines).



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